Former Nine Muses member Sera personally produces her own CD and delivers to fans! - allkpop

Interestingly sufficient, Sera was her own boss for the manufacturing of 'Serenade,' tape-recording and editing her own tracks, designing the cd cover, as well as applying for the rights to her musical job..

You can have a look at the video clips for on your own!.


. Just what's even a lot more incredible is that Sera delivered her freshly-made CDs right to her fans' doorsteps! Though she could not deliver her CDs to everyone, followers still appreciated the singer's efforts to bond with them on a more personal degree, making the effort to see their houses..

It resembles Sera has actually been maintaining active with making her initial solo cd after leaving 9 Muses!.

SEE ALSO: Nine Muses to transform their 'Hurt Locker' phase attire starting with tonight's 'M! Countdown'.

Her household was a huge component in this important procedure, with Sera's own brother offering a little insight on her coat photos as well as her mommy offering the album a pay attention, strangling back tears from pride in her child..

If you comply with Sera on Twitter as well as YouTube you most likely currently recognize that the singer has been upgrading fans on the production of her new album 'Serenade.' In a three-part homemade video collection she submitted onto her individual YouTube account, Sera shared the behind tale of placing her album with each other, right from A to Z.


Preview: Arcade Comedy Theater keeps the laughs coming - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

You can't miss the Arcade Comedy Theater. Nestled on Liberty Avenue on the edge of Downtown's Cultural District, the theater's façade is painted in a technicolor scheme of pink, yellow and blue, and boasts a large neon sign prominently displaying its name. Inside, visitors are greeted with a decor that's a cool mix between a Dave & Buster's and a NYC comedy club. The main stage is outfitted with exposed brick walls, throwing back to a scheme reminiscent of a New York club scene that can be seen on reruns of "Louie" and "Seinfeld." Throughout the theater lobby one can find actual arcade games -- hence the name.

Arcade Comedy Theater

Where: 811 Liberty Ave., Downtown.

Upcoming shows: Friday: "Your Life: The Musical" (8-9:30 p.m.); "Blue Light Special" (10-11:30 p.m.). Saturday: "Penny Arcade Kids Comedy Show" (1-2:30 p.m.); "Beta Stage" (6-7 p.m.); "Arcade Hootenanny" (8-9:30 p.m.); "Hotel Nowhere & Well Known Strangers" (10-11:30 p.m.); Sunday: "Bonus Stage" (7-8:30 p.m.)

Information and tickets:, or 1-888-71-TICKETS.

It's a fun and welcoming atmosphere that often has unintended consequences.

"We often have to lock the door when we're not open," co-founder Abby Fudor remarked, as a woman peered through the glass to see inside the theater. "Because people will often wander in."

The Arcade Comedy Theater was founded in January 2013 under creative directors Ms. Fudor, Randy Kirk, Jethro Nolen, Kristy Nolen and Mike Rubino. Realizing that there were a lot of comedy groups scattered around Pittsburgh that didn't have a central location in which to perform, the group came up with the idea of a theater that could show "comedy is art, and an art form," Ms. Fudor said.

Through Mr. Kirk's connection with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust as manager at the Cabaret at Theater Square, the group won approval of a proposal for their venue. The Trust is Arcade Comedy Theater's landlord and also offers guidance on how the theater may grow financially.

"From the very beginning they included us in Gallery Crawls, their festivals and marketing as well. They're really more like our landlords with an asterisk," Mr. Kirk said of the relationship.

The theater has grown into a company that now offers a mix of classes, workshops and shows featuring local and national acts.

Arcade began to offer classes in March 2013, starting with "Improv One: The Basics." Ms. Fudor admitted that it was a "struggle" to fill that first improv class, and describes other challenges that occurred in the first year, such as filling shows or finding performers.

Shows have continued to grow attendance since the early days that averaged 41 people per show (with a total attendance of 7,130 from February 2013 to December 2013, which includes both ticketed Arcade events and free Trust events). In 2014, Arcade averaged closer to 48 people per show (with a total attendance of 12,549). National acts the theater has hosted include Kingsbury of iO Chicago, Asaf Ronen of Austin, Texas, and Wham City of Baltimore.

"We're sort of at a place where theater companies feel like they can experiment in the comedy realm, and I love that," said Mr. Kirk. "We want to be that place where successful and talented artists who want to stretch out their comedy muscles have a place where they can do it in a professional and good way."

Of significant note is Pittsburgh's location between Chicago and New York -- two meccas of the comedy world -- which makes it easy for comedians to make a pit stop while touring.

Indeed, on any given weekend night, patrons can find a mix of improv, sketch and comedy shows, like "Penny Arcade," a children's improv show created from crafts and literary prompts created from "Collaboration Stations" beforehand.

"One of our distinguishing features is that we don't focus on one type of comedy. We do all sorts of comedy. We have a bit of an experimental flair -- sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't," said Jethro Nolen.

One example of a show that pushes comedic barriers is "Knights of the Arcade," a live Dungeons & Dragons game played on stage. The show has proven to be popular, and Mr. Nolen admits that "it's not the type of thing we would have put together if we just did stand up, or improv or sketch. ... Because we're open and we're a space where we want other people to produce their own content, we had a home run that we would not have explored otherwise."

Mr. Nolen was not exaggerating. During a recent "Knights of the Arcade," the theater was at capacity well before the show was slated to begin. Diversity was evident in the range of ages and races in the audience, and a BYOB policy allowed for many laughs and an atmosphere that most anybody could enjoy.

Now in its third year, the Arcade Comedy Theater is in a bind of sorts. After spending its first year trying to figure out how to survive in the Pittsburgh comedy world and its second year growing artistically, the theater now has an eye toward development -- which is a challenge for a relatively new nonprofit arts organization.

"We just established a board, and our board president, Adam Novak, does development for Duquesne University so he has been extremely helpful in terms of growing as quickly as we can," Ms. Fudor said. "Most of us have full- or part-time other jobs. We want to grow as soon as we can so that we can do this full time."

Mr. Novak said that he'd like to see more funds available for their classes, explaining that "we have really talented performers coming in and I want to make sure we can compensate our house teams and other performers well and also provide an incentive to provide professional performers to come to the Arcade to perform."

When asked how he planned to achieve that, he said, "We have to enhance our relationship with the foundation community in Pittsburgh. We're still young and Pittsburgh is a huge hub of nonprofits. So there's competition out there and we need to make ourselves known ... and also be sure that former students who have gone through programs who believe in the mission are inclined to make sure that another generation has the same opportunity that they've had."

When the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust was formed 40 years ago, Liberty Avenue was known as a red-light district, and the only performance venue in the area was Heinz Hall, so performance groups such as the ballet and opera were forced to operate in proximity to adult bookstores and porn shops.

"People would come to Heinz Hall and run from the garage to the hall and run back after they saw a performance," said Rona Nesbit, executive vice president of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

The first step was transforming the Stanley Theatre into the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, and the next phase was replacing the ground level spaces with local organizations that otherwise couldn't afford to be there.

These days, Arcade's neighbors include Bricolage Theater, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company, the ToonSeum and the Trust Arts Education Center.

"Not only has it created animation and excitement for the district, but it has really helped to, I think, develop and grow some of the smaller arts organizations," explained Ms. Nesbit. She added that the Cultural District as an attraction has been a catalyst for the growing residential population, "which is just amazing to have around 10,000 people living Downtown."

"I really feel lucky to be in Pittsburgh at this moment," Jethro Nolen said. "Our job is to continue being a place where people can see, do and learn about comedy. We've been very fortunate that we've been this successful this quickly and I can't wait to see what the next few years have for us."

Valcy Etienne:

GM to invest $877 million to overhaul Flint, Michigan, truck plant - Reuters

truck plants for you to install new assembly lines, physique welding shops and paint operations for long term generations regarding Silverado pickups and also SUVs such since the Chevrolet Tahoe along with Cadillac Escalade, whilst nevertheless running your operations in which construct current models. Assembling the newest vehicles will need substantially distinct equipment than the different tools GM utilizes today.

GM's plan to keep truck plants running by means of the significant model alter contrasts using Ford Motor Co's (F.N) approach to be able to retooling factories to gather its aluminum-body F-150 truck.

People familiar using the company's plans say GM's next-generation pickups and also SUVs is most likely to make use regarding a variety of materials, such as aluminum as well as lightweight steel, in losing weight and also gain gasoline efficiency to meet tougher federal standards. Ford in 2014 lost concerning 13 weeks of production from pickup truck factories inside Dearborn, Michigan, as well as Kansas City, Missouri, because the plants switched from the old, steel truck for the new, lightweight model.

DETROIT General Motors Co (GM.N) said in Tuesday it'll devote $877 million to overhaul its pickup truck factory throughout Flint, Michigan, capping a group of investments to maintain production of profitable significant pickups and sport utility vehicles rolling via an important model change expected throughout 2018.. Securing work with U.S. plants since April, such as the actual truck plant overhauls. Your business furthermore outlined upgrades along using other operations, such as a tiny car assembly operation in suburban Detroit, as well as an expanded facility within Warren, Michigan, which allows engineers along with workers in order to test production techniques prior to they may well be installed inside a plant.

The investments could help GM in its effort for you to set the particular framework for your new labor agreements your United Auto Workers union can be negotiating with the Detroit 3 automakers. GM factories throughout Flint; Arlington, Texas, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, collectively develop regarding 60,000 trucks any month, based on Automotive Information data. factories is really a leading priority with regard to union leaders.

     The Flint investment is an element of the program to grow 3 U.S. New paint shops at the truck plants additionally could allow GM to create vehicles which are larger compared to current models, as well as spend less from the same time, organization officials said.

   GM will not need to become able to "take the whole facility down regarding 6 months and go darkish in the market," Cathy Clegg,  head regarding North American manufacturing, advised Reuters, with out saying when model changes for your significant pickups as well as SUVs will come. Analysts estimate individuals vehicles generate $10,000 or perhaps much more in operating profit each.

Clegg stated your UAW's willingness to accommodate three-shift-a-day production from its truck along with SUV factories is critical for the company's efforts to become able to boost output to satisfy any boom in demand.

In the past, GM as well as its domestic rivals would shut down production with regard to weeks to retool for new models, stockpiling vehicles beforehand then discounting these people when the brand new model appeared.

(Editing through Matthew Lewis)

GM has announced any total involving $5.4 billion throughout investments throughout U.S


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Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld Launched a New Podcast Network Called HeadGum - Splitsider

New episodes every Tuesday!

Coupla Questions - Dannielle & & Claire take you on a trip of the heart as they interview their preferred couples concerning how they dropped in love and remained in love.

This Is Why You're Single - Developers of the upcoming humor and insight book, Laura Lane as well as Angela Spera candidly break down real-life dating calamities with a new "reason that you're single" each week.

Gilmore Guys - Do you awaken in a cool sweat every night, being afraid that 2 guys will never start a podcast on Gilmore Girls? Kiss your evening horrors BYE-BYE. "All we care around is cash, really, yet making podcasts with our buddies and also family members is fun also," Jake and also Amir informed us on the news. Tangents are not just permitted, they are motivated.

headgumState greetings to the current podcast network: HeadGum. Regarding the type of stupid stuff that a nerd/meathead/manchild would certainly be into. Started by long time CollegeHumor writer/performers Jake Hurwitz and also Amir Blumenfeld, the network released today with brand-new podcasts organized by Hurwitz, Blumenfeld, Josh Ruben, Streeter Seidell, and also much more. Identical doubles Dave as well as Jeff Rosenberg, along with host Mike Karnell think of true hustles as well as make billions so you don't need to. Seriously, these men are SUPER right into Gilmore Girls.

Twinnovation - A podcast for the schemers as well as dreamers. Also in areas they're not certified to discuss.

That Was Us - Every episode, a guest signs up with Julia Nunes and reviews an embarrassing/exposing instance of which they utilized to be.

Black Male Can not Hop - Jonathan Braylock, James III, and also Jerah Milligan testimonial major movement images with black leading stars.

High & & Mighty- Jon Gabrus' interests are all over the place ... therefore is this podcast. Concierge and also novice Demi Adejuyigbe go deep right into Gilmore Girls episode by episode with unique visitors to evaluate, commend, simulated, and also gab like gals regarding all points Stars Hollow and also beyond. Pro follower Kevin T.

If I Were You - Jake Hurwitz and also Amir Blumenfeld provide up insight in areas they're certified to discuss. He job interviews buddies and also celebrities, some which are both. The Mindhouse is type of like "WTF" yet much much less verbalize. "So we're thrilled to be doing that!" Below's a summary of the podcasts presently on the website:

Broach Shame - Awkward Stories from Embarrassed Visitors, Held by Streeter Seidell.

The Easy Chair - Author Laura Hurwitz reviews you a tale, proceeded week to week.

The Mindhouse Podcast - Great guests and also funny voices with Josh Ruben (CollegeHumor, Josh & & Vince, The Woodstock Funny Celebration).


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